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Frozen Drink Machine Instructions

Enjoy this Margarita Machine at your next Party!

1. Set up Machine on Level Area.

2. Plug Machine into outlet.(remember that you need a dedicated 20 amp 110 volt outlet.)

3. Follow mix instructions on paper work or this site for exact amounts of water/mix and alcohol to be used.

4. Pour water, mix and alcohol into Machine.

5. Machine has switch for main power,frozen or chilled drink and light switch.

6. Press switch to desired setting and machine will begin to prepare drink. Each side has an independent switch to operate the side. The snowflake is for the slushed drink, The arrow is for chilled.

7. Depending on how cold the water/mix and alcohol are to begin with, prep time can be between 1 to 2 hours.

8. Refills take about 15 minutes, When bowl reaches about 20% full this is when you want to refill. Never let the machine empty.

9. If it's an extremely hot day, the machine will need to be covered in the shade, and you will definitely want all your ingredients as cold as possible to begin with.

10. If you have mix in the machine all weekend, at night press button to chilled position. When ready to prepare a frozen drink, switch lever to slushed positions.

11. Upon return, rinse out bowls with water and pull lever to drain. Thanks

Possible Problems

1. When setting up machine, pour water in first to check and see that the bowl gaskets are seated correctly. This is checked before you receive your machine, however in transport it can become an issue. What you want to check when you set up your machine is that the clear bowl at the bottom (below the red pull levers) has two tabs that rest underneath the plastic stops.(push back and down to seat bowl if needed) This holds the bowl so it will not slide off. If you set up the machine and the bowl is not secure, eventually it will shoot off and the mix will go everywhere. At that point the machine will need to be shut off and inoperable. Please make sure the bowls are secure on both sides.

2. If machine stops working it is probably due to the circuit breaker being activated. Remember that the drink machine needs a dedicated circuit for it to operate correctly. (reset the breaker)